Bryan Ericsson

Bryan Ericsson
Co-Founder; Social Media Manager

Bryan currently studies Security Policy Studies at the George Washington University with a focus on Energy Security and Science, Technology, and National Security. This is grounded in a Bachelor of the Arts in Political Science with a minor in Religious Studies and a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Civilization from Macalester College.

Bryan worked at the National Defense University’s Center for International Security Affairs on several research projects related to self-determinant groups in Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan; North African geopolitics at the height of the Mali insurrection; antiquated Indian strategy from Kautilya; and a global religious index using State Department reports on religious freedom. He also worked with Fleishman-Hillard’s London branch in the Digital department where he came to learn critical aspects of social media management. Bryan is most passionate about the complexities of modern geopolitics and the intersection of international relations, domestic politics, society, and economics. Religion, technology, and the ideas behind “Otherization” are of particular interest to him.


1 thought on “Bryan Ericsson”

  1. Jerry Chiang said:

    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for chatting with me after the energy class. I would like to connect with you on Facebook so we get to know each other better. Keep up the good work! Anyway, see you next week!

    Jerry Chiang

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