Phoenix Mourning-Star

Phoenix Mourning-Star
Co-Founder; CEO; Senior Analyst

Phoenix’s background is in Mathematics (BS), Biostatistics (MS) Public Health/Environmental Epidemiology (MSc) and Law at the University of Auckland, New Zealand where he focused on human rights in international environmental law. While his PhD research in renewable energy in post disaster/conflict regions as a multi-disciplinary program (policy, agriculture, energy) is in Ecology; Phoenix came to Washington, DC on a fellowship to The George Washington University’s International Science and Technology Policy program in the Elliott School of International Affairs to study the implications of policy and the communication of science to policy-makers on technological advances. Mr. Mourning-Star believes that the work which needs to be done in balancing human rights to water, food, energy and a clean environment are becoming a major scientific and political cross-roads both nationally and globally for which an understanding of policy on top of a foundation in the sciences will be a requirement for driving innovation forward. His passion is in addressing these challenges in how science and technology policy may be able to play a role in elucidating how the shared demands on resources can be navigated through an active interplay between science and policy legislation.

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