Second-year graduate student Mikaela Romero, recently was awarded a $1,200 scholarship from Results International for her efforts in reaching out to scholars through an organization she co-founded at GW, Smarter Perspectives. Additionally, Ms. Romero was awarded $2,000 dollars through the Michele Manatt Endowed Fellowship. To qualify for the Michele Manatt Endowed Fellowship, applicants must show a commitment to studying women’s/girls’ issues in developing countries through coursework, research interests, and internships.

Mikaela, a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, is attending George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs, is now working with Results International, an interdisciplinary research and consulting company, where she is in charge the company’s professional development programs and co-directs key aspects of their Research Division. Her responsibilities include “personnel management, training and introducing of new members, scheduling of events and deadlines, as well as public relations and overseeing the program’s social media’” she explained in a recent interview. Read more here: PSA Mikaela Romero Award

–Matt Bernal is a Social Media and Marketing specialist with Smarter Perspective, with a passion for policy, international affairs and travel.